Best Fitting Canada Goose Parkas Guide for All Bodies

size should I get for my Canada Goose parka? We often get asked what size Canada Goose is the right one. It a great question and it depends on a few factors. Beyond your personal preference, there your body size. Below you can find a sizing chart which indicates the measurements for your body and is sure to help the choosing process.

These measurements don necessarily take into account the fit of the separate parkas although Canada Goose does design their parkas within three fit types: slim, regular and relaxed. Below are short descriptions of each style with the sizing charts organized by fit so you can easily find which one is right for you.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed in this case is an understatement. They are very loose. Perhaps the loosest you ever wear in the corresponding size. This extra room has a function. In the coldest environments, on the coldest days, you want to be able to add some layers. The looseness allows just that; it means you can easily add a good 10C 15C to your jacket. Despite the looseness, the jacket is still made for the body indicated in the sizing chart. If you are debating between two sizes, feel free to order the smaller one. If you are looking to downsize more than one size for a trimmer fit, you should think about getting another model.

Thanks for the questions Mel, I would suggest the small because if the chest is too tight you may find the fit uncomfortable and not very practical to wear for your daily routine. In saying that, it depends on how close you are to the end of the chest measurement. If you on the border of small and extra small, going with the extra small may not be so bad. The best recommendation would be to try the jacket on in a store near you or order both and return whichever has the less comfortable fit. With our lifetime membership, you get free shipping on all returns within Canada.

I have the CG Shelburne Parka in Medium and it is the perfect fit for me.

i am debating between the Brookvale Hoody or Camp Hoody. I am having difficulty finding out the difference between the two other than what has already been articulated in the blog. I am reading that the arms are bigger with Camp Hoody but Brookvale has 4 way stretch is this true?

What size should i pick? From the reviews i understand that both are slim fit and that i should go up one size. i am 5 120 pounds but i like a relaxed fit. i do not like my clothes to be snug. Would you suggest the Large?