Kelowna teen fined for keeping Canada goose as pet

“I put my hood up and he sit right here under my hair. We could give him baths in the sink and take him outside for walks at the park,” Klassen told Global News of his relationship with the goose.

Klassen decided to adopt the bird in May after it was found alone in the middle of a busy road by a family member in the Vernon area.

“He just really comforting so when I anxious I come out and he come walk up to me and put his head right here, and just like comfort me, it really nice to be loved by a little animal,” Klassen said.

Klassen said he is worried about the welfare of the bird.

“I upset about it. I really worried about him. I don know what is going to happen.”

Conservation Officer Ken Owens said the bird’s chance of survival is slim.

“Speaking very honestly, the chance of this particular goose surviving is going to be very low just because it was raised by humans unlawfully,” he said.

Owens encouraged the public to avoid contact with wildlife.

“When people find what they believe to be an orphaned or injured wildlife, it is very important that they don pick up these animals, they contact the Conservation Officer Service,” he said.