Know Your Labels

Proudly Canadian, this luxury outerwear brand was founded in a Toronto warehouse almost sixty years ago. In the 1950 Sam Tick came to Canada and founded Metro Sportswear, specializing in woolen vests, raincoats and snowmobile suits. In the 1970s, David Reiss, Sam Tick son in law, innovated with the invention of a volume based down filling machine and branded the label Snow Goose, which would later become Canada Goose.

1. Moosejaw, Canada Goose, Women Shelburne Parka

Inspired by one of the coldest places on earth, Canada Goose Expedition Parka was created to keep scientists at Antarctica McMurdo Station warm. In 1982, Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to climb Mt. Everest, wore a custom parka, which the company re released in 2011, naming it the Skreslet Parka. Canada Goose jackets have long been a staple of film crews working in cold locales, and made its on screen debut in The Day After Tomorrow and National Treasure.

2. Moosejaw, Canada Goose, Men Skreslet Parka

David Reiss son Dani has served as President and CEO of Canada Goose since 2001, and maintains the company pledges to remain in Canada. With Global Headquarters in Toronto, the company employs 6% of the cut and sew labour industry in Canada.

3. Moosejaw, Canada Goose, Women Hybridge Lite Coat

In honor of the two thirds of the world polar bears living in Canada, Canada Goose supports Polar Bears International (PBI) with its PBI Collection, with funds going to the conservation of their habitats. The company also sponsors Canada Goose Resource Centres in the Canadian Arctic, providing Inuit sewers with free fabrics and materials for them to hand make jackets and clothing for their communities.